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Supporting you and your child


Giving birth places huge demands on a mother. Her body goes through enormous change, performing the magic of making a baby, and needs rest and recovery in the postnatal period.

Emotionally the early days, weeks and months of motherhood can be an overwhelming time. Learning about your baby, adapting to feeding and sleep patterns, and sometimes the challenges of breastfeeding, can take time. 


I support mothers, and fathers, as they adjust to new parenthood, helping them build strength and vitality, overcome common challenges and concerns, and feel fit, healthy, comfortable and confident. 

Many emotional and physical issues can be effectively treated through acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. As well as supporting overall recovery after birth, I regularly care for women with:

  • Problems breast feeding, including mastitis and problems with the flow and quantity of breast milk

  • Postnatal depression

  • Persistant uterine bleeding

"After the birth of my son I suffered severe postnatal depression. Katie listened to me, and treated me with acupuncture and herbs, and after a few sessions I felt more positive, brighter and cheerful."



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