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Promoting whole

body health

As well as specialising in male and female infertility, pregnancy and birth I treat a wide range of ailments to support overall wellbeing and good health. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine have a long history in restoring, promoting and maintaining health, viewing illness as a sign that the body is out of balance. Through understanding an individual’s unique pattern of disharmony I aim to choose the right treatment and composition of acupuncture points to alleviate symptoms and rebuild and rebalance the flow of  energy (or ‘qi’) to help the body to heal.


There is increasing evidence for the effectiveness of acupuncture, which can be the perfect complement to Western medicine. From a biomedical point of view, acupuncture influences hormones and neurotransmitters and stimulates the nervous system to stimulate homeostasis thereby helping the body to heal itself.

I draw on a variety of techniques, including acupuncture with cupping and moxibustion, ‘qi work’, scalp acupuncture and Tuina (Chinese massage), plus Chinese herbs and dietary advice. All the herbs used in my practice are safe and approved (by the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine) and ome as either powders or raw herbs to drink as a tea. 

My areas of specialism include:

  • Muscle aches, pain and stiffness (e.g. sciatica and back, neck, shoulder or knee pain)

  • Headache and migraine

  • Digestive problems (e.g. bloating, constipation, IBS)

  • Skin conditions (e.g. acne, eczema, psoriasis, urticaria)

  • Respiratory issues (e.g. asthma, hay fever, sinusitis, rhinitis)

  • Neurological problems (e.g. Stroke, Parkinsons, Chorea)

  • Bell’s Palsy

  • Anxiety issues and depression

  • Insomnia

  • Gynecological and hormonal conditions (e.g. PMS, PCOS, endometriosis)

  • Menopause


If you’d like to understand more, or if you’re suffering a complaint that isn’t mentioned here, please do contact me to discuss. In my twenty years’ experience I have come across and treated most health conditions and will always provide an honest assessment of how I can help. 

"I saw Katie Scampton for pain in my knees. After several treatments the pain had improved greatly. I am much stronger physically and emotionally thanks to acupuncture!"

 - Barbara T.

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