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Health, wellbeing and fertility

Practicing the healing power of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine to support physical wellness, emotional balance, and reproductive health.

Welcome to Bump


I’m Katie, an Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner, dedicated to helping people achieve optimal health, wellbeing and fertility.

For over twenty years I’ve studied, practiced and taught the ancient disciplines of acupuncture and Chinese medicine and have been consistently fascinated and impressed by the positive difference these treatments can make.


Life is not without its bumps in the road, and we all face health challenges from time to time. I draw on a variety of techniques, including acupuncture with cupping and moxibustion, Tuina (Chinese massage), Chinese herbs and dietary advice to treat a wide range of ailments and restore, promote and maintain good health.


As well as offering general acupuncture to improve health and wellbeing, my specialist interest is in reproductive health. I use acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine to promote both male and female fertility, and to help women conceive and carry their baby healthily and happily. Whether you're planning your bump, are currently pregnant, or have already had a child, your physical and emotional wellbeing is paramount. 


General Health

I commonly treat acute and chronic pain, musculo-skeletal disorders, respiratory/sinus problems, neurological and digestive issues.


In my years of practice I have come across and treated most health conditions and will always provide an honest assessment of how I can help.


Treatments are the ideal complement to support Western medicine and assisted reproductive techniques, including IVF.


From bump, to birth, to baby, I will work with you to balance your hormones and boost your physical and emotional wellbeing to keep you in the best of health.

If you’d like to consider us working together, the best first step is to contact me for a free initial telephone consultation. Patients must feel at ease with their practitioner, and confident in their choice. I’ll be happy to answer your questions and suggest how I might help.


I currently practice at clinics in London (Chiswick) and Surrey (Virginia Water), or can often treat you in your own home if you prefer.

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